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Santa Monica


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Santa Monica is adjacent to the La Preciosa project optioned by Orko from GoldCorp Inc. The Santa Monica Property covers over 17,285 hectares and is located approximately one hour and a half away by paved road from the City of Durango, in Durango State, Mexico. Currently, Geophysical Surveys are underway which began on March 18, 2007.


To Locate a vein system like San Sebastian Mine (Hecla Au-Ag mine)

Available Data: Geophysical survey (I.P.); Vapour Mercury survey

An exploration program is expected to commence in the near future.

San Sebastian Mine
Discovery Method:

Annual Production: 80,000 oz Au Eq.
Cut-off: 4 gr.
Recovery: Ag 90%, Au 96%
Average Grade: 17 gr Au Eq.
Staff: 150 people (included 12 geologists)

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