Kinskuch Lake Property

Project Overview

The project is located in northwestern BC at the southern end of BC's "Golden Triangle" approximately 50km southeast of Stewart or 125 km northwest of Terrace. The project lies in an area of abundant mineral wealth as demonstrated by the Seabridge KSM porphyry copper gold deposits, the newly opened Pretium Brucejack gold mine, the IDM Mining Red Mountain gold silver deposit, the Homestake Ridge gold silver deposit and the Dolly Varden silver deposit. Active exploration is ongoing on these and many other projects in the southern portion Golden Triangle.

In August 2016, the Company acquired from LCT Holdings Inc., a 100% interest in 7 claim (3025 ha) Kinskuch Project; a Cu-Au porphyry prospect located at the southern end of BC's Golden Triangle. The Company's area holdings were increased in size with the October 2016 option of VMS and Golden Mickey claim blocks (2,063ha). The two separate option agreement encompass a contiguous mineral property now known as the Kinskuch Lake Property (5,088 ha).

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